Saturday, September 6, 2008

Basking in Beauty Again - We Apologize

It's hard not to want to share delightful moments. Please ignore if you're bored :-)

This week ended an hour ago when Vonnie and I walked to a shore-line north of our cottage to see the afterglow of the Sabbath sunset. We stopped there to sing some songs and take a few snapshots. Of course they can't capture the sounds of the herons winging by, or the waves way out on the sound, or other subtle delights for the ear. But it's special to post these photos anyway.

The anchorage is named Puilladobhrain, and my attempts to pronounce it, to imitate the Gaelic sounds, are undoubtedly humorous.

The far hills, across the big sound, are the hills of the Isle of Mull, at the far west of which is the Isle of Iona, "holy isle", of fame because Columba used it as his missionary base in Scotland.

I'm also including some other sunset photos from this week - of the rainbow and of Vonnie with the glow above the gorse patch.

Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath - and watch for that low moon.

Pastor Olesen

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